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This webinar focuses on modeling business processes with IBM Process Manager.Topics covered:

  • BPM Iterations – Design, Modeling, Optimization, Execution
  • Three phase approach to process modeling
  • The right process model development strategy
  • Process Modeling in IBM Business Process Manager
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The term “Microservice” has recently been coined to describe a rapidly provisionable, independently deployable service with narrow and distinct functionality that is accessible over common communication protocols. As is often the case with new IT technology terms, the term Microservice is viewed by many as too fuzzy and misleading similar to terms NoSQL and Big Data. In this webinar, we will try to see if we can make sense of it.

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Does your organization have several applications where data is overlapping? Are you having issues keeping your data up to date? Come and join us for a 1-hour webinar where we discuss how Master Data Services in SQL Server can help us overcome data management issues.

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Enterprises are facing challenges with increasing volume,variety and varisty of data. This webinar provides analysis of big data challenges and provides various alternatives to turn those challenges into opportunity. This Webinar also provides a practical implementation of Hadoop cluster to handle big data with substantial coverage of installation, configuration, planning and implementation of Hadoop cluster to manage big data in productive way.

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Although WebSphere Application Server is one of the most robust Java Enterprise Application Servers for deployment of mission critical applications, it is not always that easy to use in development. Often we see clients who deploy to WebSphere in production using Tomcat or some other server to test in development because it is "easier". The complaint is that the full WebSphere Application Server takes too long to start or redeploy applications and is not intuitive to configure for developers. To address these issues, IBM has created the WebSphere "Liberty Profile" server. This is a lightweight server, certified for Java EE 6, that starts much faster and is easier to configure. In this webinar we will look at the features of the WebSphere Liberty Profile server, how it compares to the "full" WebSphere Application Server, and how you can use it to simplify the development and testing of Java EE applications. We will even show that with version 8.5.5 of the WebSphere Liberty Profile there are some intriguing new features that would even let you run the server as part of a cluster and use it for some production deployment scenarios. We will also highlight the use of FREE Eclipse development tools that are available since the cost of development tools for WebSphere Application Server has also been historically an issue.

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JavaScript is the Lingua Franca of the front-end Web development. In order to support agile business requirements for the "Next Generation" Web, developers need to be intimately familiar with JavaScript's capabilities, best practices and useful libraries. This webinar will provide an overview of the modern JavaScript ecosystem and make recommendations on using some of the more popular libraries.

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Scala is a hybrid programming language that combines object-orientation with functional programming. Scala is short for "Scalable Language". Scala is being adopted by many companies who currently use Java to increase their productivity, applications scalability, and overall reliability. If your business problem is best solved using the functional programming paradigm, then you should investigate using Scala. In this webinar, we'll explore why you should learn Scala programming, introduce functional programming, and examine programming language basics.

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InfoSphere DataStage Essentials webinar will provide the participant with a clear understanding of what InfoSphere DataStage is, its uses and benefits. The webinar will start by showing the big picture of InfoSphere DataStage and how it fits within IBM's InfoSphere platform. Then, we will explain the purpose of InfoSphere DataStage and walk through the core highlights. Next, we will take a look at the architecture to understand the structure and how it all works. With a clear picture of what InfoSphere DataStage is, time will be spent on the main elements involved in using this product, including looking at the various clients. Finally, to ensure appreciation of its benefits, the webinar will close with an examination of the key features.

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Although many companies would like to improve their business processes when it comes down to how to do that things can get off track. Often this can be because they are using a tool or platform that doesn’t really support the correct methodology that should be employed for process improvement. For those that are using IBM's Business Process Manager platform (or would like to), there is support for doing things the "right way". The platform allows business analysts and others with information about the business process itself to effectively capture this knowledge without programming skill. Those tasked with implementing the process can then come in and use the same process model to fill in the details of how it will work. During this webinar we will take a look at the IBM BPM platform and the various tasks to perform to implement a process. We will also focus on the methodology that should be used, often referred to as the "playback methodology" in IBM documentation and Redbooks that helps make sure these efforts at process improvement are successful.

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