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Description: Eventually, every organization either has or will have to come to grips with mobile devices in the workplace. Whether company provided or employee owned, officially sanctioned or under the radar, employees are using mobile devices in their work. In this seminar, we will look at the challenges presented by mobile devices in the enterprise. We will discuss a number of common issues that need to be addressed by a Mobile Device Policy. Finally, we will present a strategy for developing a Mobile Device Policy.

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Description: This webinar specifically focuses on mobile applications and mobile web testing. We will cover the differences in mobile testing as compared to testing traditional web based or desktop applications.

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Description: IBM Worklight is a comprehensive mobile application platform for smartphones and tablets that helps organizations of all sizes to efficiently develop, run and manage mobile and omni-channel applications. The webinar will provide an overview of the functionality of the IBM Worklight Studio and Server as well as other development tools and components.

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Description: The broad adoption of agile methodologies within enterprise organizations has given rise to a common pain point. Agile methods are not necessarily the right fit for every project. However, few organizations have established criteria and related governance practices to guide the decision on when to utilize traditional project methodologies vs agile ones. In this session, noted author and public speaker, Kyle Gabhart, explores the subject of criteria for utilizing agile practices and proper governance surrounding solution methodologies more generally.

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Although there are a number of Java frameworks for web applications, Spring MVC has become one of the most popular. In this webinar we will look at some of the major tasks in using Spring MVC, like configuration, handling requests, and displaying views. We will look at how Spring MVC integrates with other Spring technologies, Apache Tiles for page templates, and AJAX/JavaScript support. We will also show a brief introduction to Spring "Web Flow" which is an advanced extension of Spring MVC built to address specific web application requirements.

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Continuous Integration is a software development approach that uses “build automation” to automatically build and test software. With Continuous Integration, there is always an up-to-date version of the software available to run quality assurance tests and conduct sample deployments, and any problems accidentally introduced by developers can be seen quickly. The automation involved also provides a convenient spot to implement quality assurance tools like automated unit testing, code coverage testing, static code analysis, style checking, and so on. This webinar will discuss some common tools and plugins for Apache Maven that are useful for Continuous Integration, and present a useful pattern for establishing a Continuous Integration server combined with a Maven Repository Manager. The webinar will appeal to all developers working with Java technologies, and in particular to those using Apache Maven or the Jenkins Continuous Integration server.

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