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Are you ready to embrace Windows Azure? Come and join us for 1-hour webinar where we unravel the features offered by Windows Azure.We will discuss features like creating websites and SaaS solutions on Windows Azure. We will also discuss other benefits of Windows Azure like gaining insights from big data using Windows Azure HDInsight servie, mobile services and media services.

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The Web is changing. By most estimates 20% of global web traffic is generated by mobile devices and that number will only increase over time. Some important trends and best practices are emerging in this ‘brave new world”. In this webinar we will explore three important trends, responsive web design, mobile first and single page apps(SPA). The goal is to discover techniques and technologies that will give your clients the best possible user experience whether they access your site from a phone, a tablet or a desktop PC.

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Python is a programming language whose uses run the gamut from simple scripting to web applications to complex graphical applications. It can even be used in conjunction with Java libraries and web applications. This webinar will provide an overview of Python’s syntax and a sampling of places where Python can be used.

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Does your organization have several applications where data is overlapping? Are you having issues keeping your data up to date? Come and join us for a 1-hour webinar where we discuss how Master Data Services in SQL Server can help us overcome data management issues.

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This 7 minute short video introduces the reasons behind Continuous Integration, introduces Apache Maven and demonstrates Continuous Integration with Jenkins-CI and Apache Maven.

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Jenkins Continuous Integration includes the capability for one "Master" installation of Jenkins to control multiple "slave" installations. You can use this facility to add capacity to Jenkins or to add support for different environments. In this webinar, we'll examine the rationale and the mechanics involved in setting up a live Jenkins cluster.

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Data mining is the process of discovering interesting knowledge from large amounts of data. It is an interdisciplinary field with contributions from many areas, such as statistics, machine learning, information retrieval, pattern recognition and bioinformatics. The techniques to discover the interesting knowledge are as varied the data sets being explored. This webinar examines a number of case studies as a means of presenting the underlying thinking, approaches, challenges and business applications of data mining.

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AngularJS is a popular JavaScript framework sponsored by Google and used for building dynamic single page web applications. By way of introducing additional custom HTML tag attributes, AngularJS brings the popular MVC ("Model-View-Controller") pattern to the client-side web development and facilitates application development with the support for such mechanisms as "data-binding". The webinar introduces the attendees to the main programing elements and idioms of the AngularJS framework.

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Gartner Research's Definition of Big Data (the three V)
Limitations of systems based on the traditional relational database model
NoSQL value proposition

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