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The classic CMMI-style approach to gauging and managing maturity isn't viable for modern architecture practices. Process-centric maturity that presumes a lock-step progression and a binary view of maturity is unrealistic. Experience in maturing Enterprise and Business Architecture practices reveals that a more flexible, artifact-centric and technique-driven approach is more pragmatic. In this session, architecture expert Kyle Gabhart presents a rubric-style approach to promoting mature architecture practices.

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R offers a free yet powerful platform for conducting statistical analysis as well as supervised and unsupervised machine learning that helps analysts and data scientists gain business insights in raw data sets.

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Establishing a robust architecture capability is essential for organizations that are looking to improve business and technology alignment. The process of starting up such a practice involves organizational changes, resourcing changes, and methodology changes. With so many frameworks, techniques, and organizational patterns to consider, it can be overwhelming to know how to get started. In this session, Kyle Gabhart provides practical steps to rapidly stand up a successful architecture practice.

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This Webinars is an overview of the 3 day WA1933 Using REXX under TSO/ISPF course. We show and explain several REXX language features. REXX is a powerful multi-purpose and user-friendly programming tool used to exploit many IBM and third-party operational products. It is the tool of choice in most (if not all) of today's larger data centres for those who need to implement new operational procedures both quickly and effectively. This three-day course is designed for TSO/ISPF users who wish to learn how to create and use programs in the REXX language. The course is taught combining classroom tuition with many practical exercises and problem scenarios, thus ensuring a full understanding. Prerequisites - An understanding of programming at a conceptual level and a good knowledge of TSO and its commands. A superficial knowledge of ISPF/PDF is insufficient for those who wish to gain full value from this course. Audience - Systems programmers, operations analysts, senior operators, operations support staff and application programmers who will be writing and/or maintaining TSO REXX programs.

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This webinar will introduce the audience to the Hadoop ecosystem and MapReduce programming. Hadoop and Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) design principles will be explained. Quick overview of the Pig Scripting Platform, Hive and Cloudera Impala will be provided.

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A Baseline Architecture is a critical success factor for Enterprise Architecture: How can you identify the architecture roadmap to the target architecture without knowing where you are starting from? Are you unsure what should be in an Architecture Baseline? Would you like ideas on how to get started? Would you like ideas on how to keep the baseline accurate? Would you like to understand how a Baseline Architecture is actually used? The webinar will provide you with these answers and much more.

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This Webinar is a preview of the 5 day DB2 for z/OS: DB Design, Implementation and Administration course.This is the definitive course for DB2 DBAs. It teaches the skills that are essential for administrators, enabling them to provide effective and efficient database design, implementation and support. It explains the database design process, from the logical database model right through to the implementation of the physical database. The system architecture, operational facilities and utilities used in a DB2 for z/OS environment are fully explained and demonstrated. In addition, monitoring, security and recovery techniques are also covered. This course is suitable for all environments up to DB2 10

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This webinar provides a preview of the Soft Skills Bootcamp for Architects. We start out with an introduction to workplace competencies for Architects and why these are instrumental to their success in a multidisciplinary organization. Following this is a brief overview of the 3 day content. We will discuss Goals, Negotiation, Elicitation, Consultation, Communication, Presentation, Strategic Planning and Conflict Resolution. An overview of each content area will be provided along with why it's relevant and how each can be applied in the business.

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