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One of the most common tasks performed by WebSphere administrators (and even developers) is trying to determine what went wrong in an application when errors occur. Over the last few years IBM has made several free tools available that help troubleshoot problems. Since these are self-service tools, you can perform a lot of advanced troubleshooting without waiting on an IBM support ticket. In this webinar we will cover a number of these tools and how to use them to solve common problems. Since most of these tools are available for a range of WebSphere versions, this webinar will be useful to you no matter what version of WebSphere you are using.

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One of the biggest challenges in mobile development is choosing the device or platform to target. Should you build for iPhone/iPad, Android, Windows Mobile or Blackberry? Or, will you have to support parallel development for multiple platforms? In this webinar we will examine a third option, we'll look at techniques for cross-platform mobile development using HTML5, CSS and JavaScript. We will look at two powerful libraries, jQuery Mobile and Sencha Touch as well as PhoneGap, a framework that allows Javascript to run natively on the device.

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In the last few years, enterprises have begun to get serious about implementing robust architecture practices. In doing so, there are some common pitfalls and risks that large organizations encounter. In this talk, Kyle Gabhart explores the most common challenges that Fortune 500s encounter when implementing an architecture practice and discusses recommended strategies for success. Presenter: Kyle Gabhart, Director of Architecture Mentors, a division of Web Age Solutions.

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