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Agile is becoming more and more pervasive as the preferred approach to software development. This, at a time, when organizations around the globe are seeking to provide better structure to technology and alignment with business through the practice of Architecture. On the surface, the two, Agile and Architecture, seem at odds. Many companies are struggling to make both work. Come join this webinar to learn about the training we have put together to understand the relationship between Agile and Architecture and the possibility for a new approach, Agile Architecture.

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This webinar will introduce the audience to some of the recent updates to Hadoop product ecosystem and MapReduce programming options. We will discuss YARN’s value proposition, Hive and Sqoop updates

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Setting up a Route Table
Navigation Control
Single Page Application:
What is a Single Page Application (SPA)?
Why Create SPA?
Challenges to SPA
Implementing SPA Using AngularJS

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1) What is Swift programming language
2) Why we need Swift?
3) Basics of class design
4) Array
5) Hashtable
6) Looping
7) Tuples
8) Optionals
9) Enum
10) Generics

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DevOps is an approach to delivering software solutions in a continuous manner based on lean and agile practices. In this webinar we will review some of the technologies and practices used by DevOps teams.

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This webinar will help IT managers and developers to learn the fundamental concepts of and ideas behind Big Data / NoSQL technologies.

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Introduction to the Integration Bus Toolkit and Working with Integration Bus Nodes

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Cloud Computing requires a degree of cognitive shift on the part of Architects who have been mostly working on designing on-premise, hosted solutions. This webinar will provide an overview of Cloud fundamentals and some of the design strategies that you may want to employ when creating your Cloud solutions.

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Description: In this webinar, participants will learn about: • MapReduce Programming Model
• Data Querying and Processing with Hadoop
• Amazon Elastic MapReduce
• Google App Engine
• MongoDB Query Language
• HiveQL

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